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Just Come to the Cottage

Kaleidoscope Cottage is a community resource designed to provide support in a purposeful and stimulating environment for persons with dementia while their caregivers take their own time to do whatever they choose from 1 hour up to 12.  The Cottage offers a warm, authentic and nostalgic environment filled with an aura of familiarity and inclusivity.

We have now extended the use of Kaleidoscope Cottage!!!

Are you a family member, care provider, friend or volunteer of someone with dementia?

Are you looking for a friendly, familiar, accommodating and affordable environment to spend the kind of time you want to spend together…at the time you choose to spend it?

Just come to the Cottage!

Would you enjoy a place chock full of things to do including games specifically designed for all to enjoy?

Would you like to have a selection of welcoming rooms, each with something different to offer?

Just come to the Cottage!

The fee for using the Cottage for hourly quality time for persons with his/her  care-partner/worker/family member is $10/hr.

Call Kaleidoscope Cottage at 519-207-4777 for more information or to schedule a visit or visit us online