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Kaleidoscope Cottage
“What Folks are Saying”

” WOW!!! Amazing ladies at the Kaleidoscope Cottage. Charlene and Suki are incredible, caring and loving women who have done such a wonderful thing by opening up this cottage. Our family visited with them this afternoon and were totally blown away with everything they have done and knowing everything they have to offer to our community to help loved ones with Dementia and their caregivers. Please take some time and review their website and like their Facebook page to follow the wonderful things they are doing. If you know someone who you think needs a loving and caring place to go , even just a few hours a month, these are the ladies to call. The Hind family wishes you both so much success and from our hearts, we thank you”.    – Lynda Brown

My husband spent the afternoon with Charlene and Suki. He had a wonderful experience and left the cottage with the biggest smile on his face. These 2 girls know what they’re doing. I am SO pleased to have a resource like Kaleidoscope Cottage. 5 stars for making my husband feel so happy and welcomed.”  -B. Davis

“Congratulations on a great place! A fantastic concept. Wish this was here for my mom.” – Pam Van Breda    London ON

“Suki and Charlene have thought of every detail to keep a loved one totally cared for and happy. They have found the perfect house and added all the details that make it a home… NOT a facility. Anyone thinking of booking should do so soon as it will be booked up so fast.”   -John & Brenda H.

“Most absolute, beautiful, bright & positive space to explore. Thank you for all that you do”.  –Leanne Kladt    London ON

“Wonderful venture! Lots and lots of success. The world should have more people like you.”  – N.J. Hlywka    Welland ON