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Kaleidoscope Cottage
“Norms and Rules”

Kaleidoscope Cottage “Norms”

  • We are happy to see you and recognize you as familiar.
  • We accept you as you are- without expectation or judgement.
  • We are thankful for your company.
  • We respect you and your choices.
  • We will keep you safe and always be close by to help if you need it.
  • We love to get our hands dirty, but are content to put our feet up also.
  • We look forward to sharing stories.
  • We strive to understand each other..
  • We will ALWAYS enjoy our time together.


 Kaleidoscope Cottage “Rules”

  • Eat when you want to
  • Go ahead…use the good china
  • You don’t have to finish what you start
  • Explore freely
  • Feed the pets and water the plants
  • Come as you are


Different on Purpose

It was when we worked together as the BSO (Behavioural Supports Ontario) team that we honed our “listening to dementia” skills and keenly observed just how much the environment impacts perception. How we interact with persons with dementia is by far the most essential factor in the relationship but the physical surroundings play a significant contributing role. Besides our own reflections, we have thoroughly read and studied what others who are experts in this area have written on this subject. This culmination is the motivation of our meticulous attention to detail in creating an atmosphere that not only feels familiar, nostalgic, warm and inviting but is also physically prepared to support perception changes in persons with dementia.  


  • Kitchen cupboards and hutch are without doors for transparency.
  • Door is removed in ensuite bathroom to easily and readily see toilet.
  • Specific areas, physical spaces, are set up with cued intent and “things “are not put away to draw to purpose.
  • Coloured ceilings instead of walls do not only identify rooms easily but also reduce visual overstimulation.
  • No rugs or floor mats for tripping, no coffee tables/obstacles.
  • Burgundy red light switch plates for visual contrast in every room.
  • Mops, dusters and brooms are openly hanging for ready use.
  • Brightness in every room with removable curtain rods to increase/decrease natural light and reflection during different times of the day/night.
  • Potential for real purpose using appropriate tools/instruments meant for such purpose.
  • Safe spaces, locked areas for no entry or exit.
  • Access to gated, secure, wrap around porch and a big backyard to explore.
  • Plenty of places to rest on comfy chairs and beds.
  • Quiet areas.
  • Stimulating areas.
  • Plant/gardening area
  • Aquarium with fish – Relaxing and proven to improve appetite and promote relaxation
    Birdcage with Finches – Entertaining and interactive
    Dog for interaction, walks and comfort
  • And love…lots and lots of love, in every single room