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Kaleidoscope Cottage …

Arranging a Drop in, Visit or Short Stay

There are more than a couple of ways to arrange a visit to the cottage for yourself or loved one.  You can:

  • Complete the “Recipe of Me form and send it to back to us online so we have the opportunity to get to know you before we actually meet. Also download and fill out the supporting forms and bring them in when you come for your visit. *This way is our preference
  • Call us at 519 207 4777 to schedule your visit then fill out your Recipe of Me If you’d rather come in person to fill out the forms then that’s ok too.
  • Call us ahead of time to arrange to stop by Kaleidoscope Cottage at 204 Balaclava St. St. Thomas ON to book your appointment and fill out your forms.

Book the time of stay from 1 to 12 hours and we’ll see you when you get here!

We prefer that you schedule the visit as far in advance as possible but we know things just “pop” up and you may need us on shorter notice.  If we can accommodate your request we will be happy to do so.

We understand that it could be difficult to keep or show up for appointments on time so we generously provide you a 15 minute grace period. Should the time you booked turn out to not be a good time after all, we respectfully ask for you to call to rebook for a better time.

If you are a caregiver bringing your loved one for a visit, we know without you for reassurance, your loved one may not enjoy meeting new people nor feel comfortable in an unfamiliar place. We have a long driveway with plenty of parking so we absolutely encourage you to both come on in! Once a connection with us is established, (often this only takes a few minutes), you can be on your way with peace of mind.

The fee for the visit is due in full at the end of the stay.

You can book your next visit in advance to ensure your specific time request will be reserved.

Simply contact us at 519 207 4777 or info@